One neat thing about Apple’s new maps

I don’t have any iThings, so I haven’t tried the new Apple Maps in iOS 6, which appear to have been met with almost uniform disappointment from those who have tried them. But while browsing this incredibly amusing blog dedicated to documenting errors in the new Apple Maps, I noticed one really neat feature: specific state route shields! Most maps (paper or online) use a generic oval shield for state routes, but Apple Maps appears to use the proper route shield, as seen here for Pennsylvania, New York, Louisiana, and Oregon.

Some state route shields, reviewed

I have lived in four states: Of these four states, I believe Pennsylvania has the best route shield. Pennsylvania is the keystone state (if you don’t understand why, look at a map of the original 13 states), and so it’s fitting that the route shield looks like a keystone. Distinctive and legible—good qualities in a route shield. I like the Minnesota route shield. The colors are nice. I also like the small outline of the state in the corner.

61/14 or 14/61?

The major highway through this town is a concurrency of U.S. Route 14 and U.S. Route 61. Some of the signage looks like this: And some of the signage looks like this: I still haven’t figured out what determines the order of the route shields. (Route shields by Wikipedia user SPUI: 14 source, 61 source.)