PGP key

In reaction to recent events, I have created a PGP key, and have posted the public key on my web site. The fingerprint to this key is: 15A1 D221 79D1 2FEB 8BA4 4F47 33AB 9AD2 C4A9 A097 Personally, I have found GPG tools, a Mac implementation of GNU Privacy Guard, pretty easy to use.

to whom I paid tolls

Mounted to the windshield of my car is an I-Pass toll transponder, which is Illinois’s version of the E-ZPass toll transponder used to collect tolls throughout much of the eastern half of the country. I find it both fascinating and creepy that using a toll transponder creates an electronic record of your whereabouts: Some observations: Both the transponder in my car and the transponder in my wife’s car are in her name.

(anti)social reading apps

THIS. Except: when I click on a link on the Eff Bee to an article and I’m asked to add an app to follow the link, I don’t Google for the article—I refuse to read it at all. I refuse to reward antisocial behavior.