Chromecast: Pretty neat

A few weeks ago, I received my Chromecast in the mail. This is a small $35 device sold by Google that vaguely resembles a USB flash drive and fits into the HDMI port on your TV, and connects to your WiFi. For what it does, it is a very nice device. My television comes with built-in software to watch Netflix and YouTube. Alas, that software is slow and is a pain to use.

A bowl full of candy bars is another example of “a breakfast they’ll want to eat”

Recently, the makers of Nutella settled a class-action lawsuit from a San Diego mother who claimed advertising mislead her into thinking the stuff was healthy. I found a YouTube video of one of the ads embedded in Carly Rothman’s article about the lawsuit: Here’s a question for you: Do you think the health claims in this ad are misleading? That’s a trick question, because the ad makes no health claims.