Silly Decorator #2: @plus_one

It’s like a off-by-one error on your wedding day. >>> from plusonedecorator import plus_one >>> @plus_one ... def cost(quantity: int, marginal_cost: float) -> float: ... """Compute the cost of production.""" ... return quantity * marginal_cost ... >>> cost(1000, 0.25) 251.0 >>> @plus_one ... def invite(name: str, pronoun: str) -> str: ... """Decide to invite someone to your wedding.""" ... return f"Let's be sure to invite {name} and {pronoun}." ... >>> invite("Emilia", "her") "Let's be sure to invite Emilia and her plus one.

Silly Decorator #1: @a_hole

I’m like a pâtissier, except I decorate functions instead of cakes, and I decorate with U+1F4A9 instead of frosting. >>> from aholedecorator import a_hole >>> @a_hole ... def hello(name: str = "friend") -> str: ... return f"Hello {name}, I hope you are well." ... >>> hello() 'Hello friend, I hope you are well.' >>> hello() Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> File "/Users/chris/Documents/projects/gists/a_hole_decorator/", line 70, in new_func raise AHoleError(choice(_MESSAGES)) aholedecorator.