Visit to the 9/11 Memorial

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Today, Sarah and I visited the National September 11 Memorial, which sits on Ground Zero.

Visiting the memorial requires a visitor pass. The passes are free, but have to be reserved ahead of time on their web site. (I reserved our passes in late April, and there were already no slots available on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.)  There was about a 15 minute wait to enter the memorial, which included passing through metal detectors.

The memorial consists of a plaza full of trees, and two recessed pools in the footprints of the twin towers. Water flows down the sides of the pools, and the names of 9/11 victims line the rims of the pools.

A large square recessed pool with a smaller square hole in the center. Behind the pool are some trees, and behind those are some buildings, some of which are under construction. In the foreground, we see the rim of the pool lists names.

Sarah, a woman in her early thirties with long, brown hair in a ponytail, wearing a white blouse, facing away from the camera, solemnly contemplates the names on the rim of a recessed pool. There are trees on the other side of the pool, and tall buildings on behind the trees.

A line of trees circles the side of one of the recessed pools. Visitors to the memorial quietly contemplate the memorial.

Chris, a man in his early thirties with short dark brown hair, wearing a gray and blue windbreaker, looks over the rim of a recessed pool. Names are visible on the rim of the pool. Behind the pool are trees, and behind the trees are tall buildings, and a shorter glass building.

A large square recessed pool, with a smaller square hole in the middle. There are building under construction on the other side of the pool.

Trees and patches of green lawn. In the background are tall buildings.